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The VR+ is newly offered in 2015.  The outer wing now has the VRS geometry.  It also has a new full carbon adjustable tail.  This allows for less sweep and twist resulsting in a better sink rate and lower stall speed.  This wing has very exciting advancements and will be the one to watch in 2015!



The ATOS VR has a sink rate very near that of the VX despite a narrower chord.  It's best glide is comparable to the VX...  but the big difference is it's glide ratio at higher speeds and it's sport-car handling.  The narrow chord, high aspect ratio, full-span flaps, and moveable tail give the ATOS VR the highest design-set of features available in the sport today.  


The most agile, and arguably most attractive, glider in the line with the same performace profile as the race-ready VR.

The ATOS VR-S is designed for lighter weight pilots with the benefit of the greatest agility for coring high-pressure summer thermals.


AIR USA 1st VRS flight - Video HERE


This is the glider for the serious recreational pilot.  Sets up in half the time of a high performance flexwing and weighs less than the VR.  It gives up very little to the VR's performance and provides all the convenience you could hope for.  Technora sail is an available option.  The glider has the same wing platform as the VR sans the winglets, smaller flaps, and an all carbon tail stinger.  A different construction allows for fast set-up and the glider weights just 84 lbs!!!  For 2011, the new VQ has a reworked sail/flap junction and stiffened flaps that perfect the handling.  There is also a Technora Sail Option the lightens the glider a further 3-4 lbs  improves glide and appearance! Glide performance is nearly identical to the VR up through the mid-40MPH range and minimum sink rate is at least as good.


A higher performing model also certified to carry tandem loads.  The VX excells in light-air flying and mates with the Silent motorized Pod for near sail-plane performance and self-launch freedom.

​The ATOS VX is a larger span - 46', higher performance glider certified at 550 lbs. demonstrating the capability of tandem loads.  Minimum pilot takeoff weight of 165# makes for light air soaring unmatched by any other hangglider.


This electric powered trike is the most refined and effecient soaring trike on the market.  you will have to see it to believe it.  More information is on the way.


The new VR 190 is based on the standard VR but has reinforced D-cells as well as three pairs of carbon fiber sail battens.  The VR190 is certified for two-place flight and is perfect for pilots that want a wing the ultimate handling and perfomace but the flexibility to hook-in with up to 400 lbs to take a lpassenger or fly with a trike. 


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