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AIR USA's Ultralight Trike

November 2014

Our Ultralight EGO Trike is home in Boulder Colorado!  It is a joy to fly and is surpassing our expectations.  Great performance, easy to fly even in demanding conditions, and unusually quiet.  For the Hang Glider pilots out there, it's been great to experience that it feels like a hang glider.  Although sitting in an upright position is different, the glider feedback when thermalling is instictively recognizable.  


AIR USA's Trike

October 2014

Our trike is getting test flown at the factory.  It has an extra quiet exhaust and oversized rear wheels/farings for our lively landing zones in Colorado: 
























AIR Factory hosts the Testival

October 2014

AIR demonstrates current projects with like minded companies 















AIR USA visiting Czech Republic this September

July 2014

The ultimate soaring trike will be coming to the US soon!  The Electric and Gas soaring trikes pictured below:

AIR USA VRS video from the ATOS breeding grounds

January 2014

Video summary HERE

Glider Model comparisons and VR/VRS Polars (Standard units)

December 2013

Which glider is for me?  This question comes up often so we put together an ATOS Model Comparison guide.  There is also a new ATOS VR and VRS Polar document in Standard units.

New Set Up and Break Down Videos for the VQ

November 2013

Watch Felix, CEO and founder of A-I-R, demonstrate an efficient set up and break down of the VQ.

AIR USA flew the new VRS as well as a VQ with the E-Lift

October 2013

We were able to squeeze in a flight on the VRS (aka the "Weapon").  This wing has a unique platform with different D-spar to outer wing proportions.  There is something very special about this wing (more to come).  We also flew the E-Lift which is incredibly quiet and has ample climbing power.  It also was great to see how simple and dependable it is for starting and stopping.  Seems too good to be true but when the motor is completely off and gliding into ground effect, it is still not too late to bite down on the "go" button and take off again.  Both the toss-ability of the VRS and the freedom of the E-lift are bringing the child within back to the surface.  Absolutely can't wait to get my hands on both of these again.


AIR USA developing ATOS upgrade program

October 2013

Fred and BJ are visiting the factory in October to enhance state-side offerings. 

Read about BJ and his 2013 World Record attempts in Zapata
July 2013
Felix coming to Colorado and California

June 2013

Felix Ruhle, CEO and founder of A-I-R, is coming to the states to meet ATOS pilots.  His visit is tentatively scheduled for Labor Day weekend/week in Colorado and the following week in California. Check back for more details and itinerary.

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