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For the last 12 years, Jim Lamb owned and operated A-I-R USA providing state-side inventory of parts, gliders, delivery slots and service for ATOS rigid-wing hang gliders. This was an affair of the heart for Jim and he loved the sport and the people in it.

Fred Kaemerer and Ben (BJ) Herring, both ATOS pilots, have taken over from Jim and aim to provide outstanding support for current and future A-I-R / ATOS pilots.  We acquired the existing parts inventory and have restocked the most commonly replaced parts.  We've also acquired several used gliders and have new gliders on order for an early summer delivery.  Look on our glider inventory page for available wings.

Felix Ruhle continues to innovate and inspire us all with his great aircraft.   We are fortunate to have him building these amazing gliders.

We wish Jim the very best and thank him for his dedication to ATOS pilots including us.

Please call us at 720 295-3733 or look on the contact page for other ways to reach us.


Fred & Ben

Fred Kaemerer

Ben Herring

A father of 2 girls and active hang glider pilot for over 15 years.  Ben holds a United States Hang and Paraglider Association (USHPA) Tandem Instructor and an advanced H4 rating. Introducing people to the joys of silent flight is how Ben likes to give back to the flying community.  

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